DeFi Projects that Create Change

Name: Solidarity Pool for Social Justice
ID: 32f6df36b4625d51971dedb0cabd20a6c8577165d5f15530594dbc6b

Social Justice Staking Pool

Stake your ADA in a pool that generates rewards while helping to fund social change around the world. 25% of revenue from operating fees is donated to projects advocating for economic, gender, and racial justice. What's more, another 25% of revenue is pledged back into the pool to help increase rewards for all stakeholders.


While we have not yet produced a block because we're new, we've donated 100 ADA to our first organization anyway!

Sent 5/7/2021 (see transaction)

"Moving from Vision to Action, we advocate a bold agenda, not a list of policies the establishment says we can win, but what the people of Idaho and this country must win! We are building power for a new multi-racial, working class movement that centers Idaho in the local, state and national change we need and deserve. Our work is about creating a world where rural and communities, forgotten and dismissed parts of the state have a place at the table.are From cities to family farms, we are Idahoans committed to revisioning and remaking our democracy, but none of that matters so long as we don't have people and organizations fighting for us. For decades, we have been out funded and out organized and our intent is that it stops here by developing pivotal relationships and always fighting for Idahoans!"

What else are we working on?

We believe quality is more important than quantity and will only release stable, reliable, and high-quality services. This means we're currently focused exclusively on our Solidarity Pool for ADA staking. That said, we have a number of future projects and features under consideration including a governance token to allow for voting on funding priorities, additional staking pools, liquidity mining/yield farming, and other decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

It's too early to say for sure when our governance token will be released, but the initial distribution could involve an airdrop to addresses staking ADA in Solidarity Pool, nonprofit advocacy organizations, and our volunteers, contributors, and partners.

Support our Work

If you are familiar with Cardano, staking ADA in our pool is the easiest way to support our work. You can also help us by contributing cryptocurrency directly.

  • ADA: addr1qygw00aylfs66p7dmxfsq55jskzqacuzsrgnhdfw7awth5ysy9j5u4h44pgmkjjn36pwh9pxuslvsgdu9as720594jtqvyqzmz

  • BTC: bc1qk3yzmgcvwss0c5vhjlsqetz5a867h09eafr4mf

  • ETH: 0xB6aE321f48b31F89Deba57816761C01a66b068a8

  • USDT: 0xB6aE321f48b31F89Deba57816761C01a66b068a8

If you're a developer interested in contributing to our projects please drop us a line, check us out on GitHub, or join our Telegram group.

About Us

We are a volunteer team of developers, engineers, and other technologists from a variety of backgrounds and countries working to build mission-driven crypto financial services to fund progressive projects. Our goal is to make it easy for progressive minded individuals to earn revenue while supporting projects advocating for racial, economic, and gender justice.

We're not interested in making more money for ourselves. The revenue we generate from our services goes towards covering our operating expenses, developing new tools, and, most importantly, supporting progressive efforts across the globe.

Once we begin funding projects, we will provide regular updates and budget summaries to provide transparency and show our impact.